Drivereasy Exe Windows Process

From the bottom toolbar, you can opt to capture the entire screen, just the selected window, or a custom portion of the screen. For video, your options include recording the entire screen or a custom portion. One alternative to screenshot on Toshiba is Snagit. This is a well-known screen capture tool that is capable of capturing anything on the screen. It also has an image editor for enhancing captured screenshots, plus it has cloud integration in case you don’t want to keep your image in local folder. However, it will cost you 50 dollars, which is quite expensive. Another way to take screenshot is by using the Windows built-in screenshot function.

  • Switch in Discord to full-screen share instead of sharing only the Forza Horizon 5 window.
  • Then a window will open, you can find the cache files of “Discord” on the Discord folder inside the “Roaming” folder.
  • Once you update your drivers it’s important to restart your PC before you try to capture videos again.

So if Windows is close fallout 4 ctd on startup to maxing out actual RAM, it dips into virtual memory. On top of everything we have mentioned above, Windows 7 slow startup is also a result of messed up hard drives. You should remove temporary, obsolete, junk, duplicate and similar files in order to get away with litters on your system. These files can be delete once they are detected. Further, you can either manually find such files or trust an authentic tool like Disk Analyzer Pro to analyze your disk.


Try moving the microphone if using a standalone one. – If you are using a standalone microphone (i.e., not the built-in one on your computer or a headset), try moving it further away from your mouth.

How To Screenshot On A Toshiba Tablet Guide

Alternatively, connect an external hard drive to your PC to store files remotely. You can free up space on the storage drive by deleting old and unnecessary files. Delete temporary files to make room for new ones.

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